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tv   9 News at 5am  NBC  January 11, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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overnight... right now... denver firefighters are working to make sure the area is safe. we're live... with the newest information. 110 opening days... record-breaker. of people headed western stock show this weekend... ahead... at its economic impact. the golden globes had some predictable moments - and some we'll take you the biggest awards of the night. but first - lets get right to this fire... 9news reporter
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at 28th and federal... gathering the latest developments as they happen. tarhonda -- roll cue: "here's
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good morning. meteorologist belen de leon and traffic reporter amelia earhart join
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meteorologist traffic reporter amelia earhart join belen - it'll warm up a little today. morning... music
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up to the news of david bowie's death. the icon died yesterday, surrounded by
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cancer. he had just released his 47th album, "blackstar" on friday.... his 69-th birthday. bowie's career lasted five decades, with hits such as "fame," ''heroes," ''let's dance" and "young americans." as we remember his life this morning, we want to know what your favorite david bowie song is? share your memories with us on social media using the hash-tag be on 9. the wife of the man beaten to death by a fellow assisted living resident, is suing the lakewood facility. it's been nearly a year since 87-year- old homer castor beat 76-year-old gerald "jerry" propp in the room they shared at atria applewood. catherine greway is suing atria claiming the assisted living facility could have done more to protect her husband. castor hit propp repeatedly in the middle of the night... he died two days later. both men suffered from alzheimer's.
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said the roomate had violent tendencies... and the facility had limited staff -- just two to four people to watch over 25 residents. castor was found incompetent and was never charged with murder. he died in november at the colorado mental health institute in pueblo. one community is considering changing its name. about 30,000 people in pueblo west are debating whether to form their own name. many people in town don't like being associated with the nearby city of pueblo... they say they don't connected to rate, high unemployment and school tests. new names that have been suggested for the community include wild horse, soaring eagles, turkey creek and west lake. today - president obama is putting the finishing touches on his final state of the union address. one topic that's expected to be touched on during
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the president's gun control executive action. his plan includes expanding background checks and the licensing needed to sell guns. a woman from greeley will be sitting in the first lady's box watching the president's speech. ronna rice runs her family's business, "rice's lucky clover honey." the white house says rice was picked as part of a group of people that demonstrate the progress that's happened over the last 7 years. the national western stock show is off to a great start! the show and rodeo had its largest opening weekend. more than 50- thousand people showed up at the complex on saturday.,,,surpassi ng last year's record of 47- thousand visitors. the head of the national western stock show, paul andrews, says every year they add new events to the show. the 110th national western runs
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24th. for event and tickent information -- log onto national-western- dot-com. you will have plenty of chances... the show runs through january 24th the start of a new week is bringing no relief for chinese stocks and oil prices. the main stocks markets in china plunged again today between 5 and 6-percent. but so far, the global markets are showing signs of resilience. european markets are edging higher...and so too are u-s futures. stocks in this country have had a miserable start -- last week the dow jones industrial average lost more than 1-thousand points...or over 6- percent. the s&p 500 and the nasdaq both lost roughly 1-percent. it's that time of
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city is decked out in orange, because focused on the playoffs. broncos magnets fans. 9news reporter colleen ferreira is at the king soopers colleen - there's about an hour until available for the
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all this week - photos as part of a
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your broncos photos as part of a hashtag-we-are- broncos photo challenge. today -we want to see your broncos pet photos! share them with us on social media using hashtag-we- are-broncos... and they may end up on tv! here are some you have already shared with us. we're about 3 weeks away from
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and we have new poll numbers on the presidential candidates. and one of them - has just picked up a big endorsement. for the first time
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parenthood has endorsed a candidate. the group's political arm is throwing its weight behind democrat hillary clinton. planned parenthood - which provides women's health services - has become a political lightning rod in this campaign. most of the republican candidates want to stop the group's federal financing. the group plans to spend 20-million- dollars in this presidenti campaign. with just more than three weeks to go before the iowa caucuses, a new n-b-c/ wall street journal/ marist poll shows that hillary clinton and bernie sanders in a tight race.--- clinton leads sanders 48 to 45 percent. ---overall while in new hampshire sanders is ahead: 50 percent to clinton's 46 percent. and on the republican side of the new poll: ted cruz leads trump by four points in iowa... followed by marco rubio and ben carson. it's a different story in new hampshire... where trump is 16- percentage points ahead of number 2 marco rubio. chris christie's in
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followed by ted cruz. of the texas kid known as the due in court. ethan couch and his mom tonya fled to mexico late last year - after video surfaced of him possibly violating his parole.... in relation to the d-u-i deaths of 4 people. the pair were captured in mexico. ethan's currently fighting extradition to the u-s. court for a bond reduction hearing. her bond is 1-million dollars. on friday that if she bonded out, it would be under tight restrictions, including a gps monitor. in world news... mexico has started the extradition process for drug lord joaquin "el chapo" guzman. he was recaptured over the weekend... after escaping from a maximum security prison in mexico over the summer. officials say the extradition process could take a long time - because guzman's lawyers are expected to try to keep their client in mexico. he's already escaped from maximum security prisons there
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all kinds of devices
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blocked off... as firefighters work a house fire at 29-th and federal. two people were rescued from the burning h
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blocked off as firefighters
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